Product Design

Level 4
CT4011 Creative Skills for Design
CT4013 Introduction to Physical Computing and Programming
CT4014 Human Factors
CT4015 The Fundamentals of Technology
CT4016 Materials and Manufacturing for Product Design
CT4018 3D Computer and Prototype Modelling
Level 5
CT5032 Innovation and Commercial Enterprise (BSc/BA)
CT5033 Design for Sustainability (BSc/BA)
CT5012 User Interaction Studies (BA)
CT5028 Product Performance Analysis (BSc)
CT5029 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing for Product Design (BSc)
CT5030 Development of Form and Branding (BA)
CT5031 Computer Aided Design (BSc)
Level 5
CT5004 Computing Technology Placement
Level 6
CT6007 Individual Research Project
CT6008 Advanced Group Project
CT6022 Advanced Concepts in Product Design
CT6023 Applied Design for Creative Industries