Forensic Computing

Forensic Computing Course Guide

Level 4
CT4010 Computers and Security
CT4007 Systems Analysis and Database Design
CT4009 Introduction to Web Development
CT4013 Introduction to Physical Computing and Programming
CT4017 Introduction to Software Development
CT4020 Smart Business Computing
Level 5
CT5019 Ethical Hacking and Security
CT5020 Foundations of Forensic Tools and Techniques
CT5021 Network Design, Security and Forensics
CT5023 Professional Issues
CT5024 Cryptography and Forensics
CT5018 Data Analytics
Optional Placement
CT5004 Computing Technology Placement
Level 6
CT6008 Advanced Group Project
CT6007 Individual Research Project
CT6021 Advanced Forensics and Cybercrime Security
CT6020 Advanced Concepts in Networking and Security
LW6007 Information and Technology Law
CT6005 Software Quality Assurance