CT4008 – ASSIGNMENT 2: Post 3: progress on assets

One of the main issues was trying to figure out how each background would link to the next scene/mini game. This was where having a more solid storyboard was more useful. Once the storyboard had been finalised each scene was well defined and so the it was know how each scene started and ended. this allowed planning for bridging scene to be much easier.

The first scene is of a knight moving up the path towards the castle. Once there, there would be a mini game where puzzle pieces would fit together to create a picture of the castle close up. This would then cause an animation of the door to the castle to open, and the user to enter the castle.

Now in the first room of the castle, the user can click areas of the first room to move to different areas. The user would be given three choices, one of which is entering the door straight ahead of them.  Two sets of stairs can be found on the left and right side of the room. Clicking these allows the user to enter the balconies either side of the main hall. The user could back out of these rooms to return to the first room inside the castle.

Clicking the door straight ahead of the user moves them into the main hall. The only option in here is another door is at the far side of the room which leads to the next mini game. the mini game is a maze where the knight (the user) moves through a maze avoiding enemy goblins which move through the maze. If the user hits either a wall or one of these goblins they are returned to the start of the maze and have to navigate through it again. The end of the maze leads on the the graveyard.

The graveyard is another mini game. Here, there are gravestones as expected. Clicking on each of these brings up a passage on information with various keywords. At the back of the room is a gate that requires a number of passwords to unlock. Each password is one of the keywords on the gravestones.

Unlocking this gate leads the knight out to some hills blocked by either some enemies. The enemies can be defeated by clicking on them. As soon as the path is cleared the users can move up towards the mountain. once at the mountain, the knight slays the dragon.


As the first version of the story, it is recognised that until production of the comic book is ambition, and so it is expected that some parts may be converted to just straight paths, or some features are automated through animation.


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