CT4008 – ASSIGNMENT 2: Post 5: Loss of work

In order to work using adobe animate,  the computers in the university were required. At the end of one session of working on the animation and mini games, the usb on which it was all stored on was left in the back of the computer. Unfortunately by the time next I returned, the usb was no longer there nor had it been handed in to the university. The usb itself had been named as my full student number in case it went missing within the university so it could be returned to me.

Because of this, assets, the first half of a game and all of the work completed for another module was lost.

This set back would affect the whole of the comic book as the majority of half of my contribution to it so far had been lost. Assets in question include:

  • the lead up to the castle,
  • a version of the castle,
  • enemies to be used within the maze game,
  • the dragon to be slain at the end of the comic book

as well as other various assets.

This set back meant that some assets had to be recreated quickly, such as the inside of the castle, to make up time and some functionality and were scraped altogether.

To prevent this from happening again, a google drive account was made to store and backup other storage devices.

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