CT4008 – ASSIGNMENT 2: Post 4: Mini Games

At this point in time we realised how much time was remaining and so the mini games came more and more into focus. the mini games and features within them were broken down into the assets required and whether they were feasible to begin with.

The responsibility of making the mini games were divided up between us. I focused on the maze mini game of the comic book.

The maze game seemed as though it would be one of the more difficult mini games to create at first but it was actually a realistic game to be able to make with online resources and a growing understanding of ActionScript and how it worked.

More assets were required for this, or at least assets needed to be adapted to suit the perspective of the game as it was possible to make the maze in a top-down view instead of a first person view. Using a first person view would not only be impossible given my ability to use ActionScript, but also make the maze itself much more difficult as you would not be able to see the maze as a whole.

As previously stated, the user would be moving through the maze avoiding contact with goblins. Avoiding contact with the walls was only included so that there was some form of difficulty. The original plan for this game was to return the user to the start of the maze each time they collided with either a wall or an enemy they would be set back to the beginning of the maze. Due to time constraints however, the original functionality was used where a score would be visible and would be decreased each time they collided with something and simply bounced off the wall or object.

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