CT5006 Music Business Mobile App progress post 1

For this project of developing Music Business Mobile App CT5006, I will be working with my partner Billy.  We had a meeting on 3oth to discuss in depth as to how we will approach this project, this includes going through the key requirements of the project. The development we have decided to adopt is Agile. We also discussed the different types of frameworks available to use and after our research, we have decided to go for Framework7.

One of the additional features that we can implement into our projects includes the ideas of the Music Business students, to do this me and Billy went through some of the ideas presented to us by these students. We initially like some of the ideas and believe that such ideas are relevant to our project and could be integrated within our project, however, these are just our initial thoughts.

I worked on some initial wireframes of the homepage of our application for mobile phones and tablets.  This has been demonstrated in Figure 1 and Figure 1.1 below.

Figure 1

Figure 1.1

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