CT5006 Music Business Mobile App Progress Post 5

This post is about researching and choosing the venue we wanted for our application. As both me and my partner Billy are from Swindon we wanted to choose a venue that is from the same location.

I carried out research and looked at potential venues that we could choose and the two prime locations that we decided were:

  1. Wyvern Theatre –  https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/
  2. MECA-  http://www.mecaswindon.co.uk/

Once we had the locations decided I then contacted each location requesting floor plans of the buildings. However, I was requested to email with my request to the email addresses provided. The reasoning behind this was that we would use the plans to and then go to the location and take pictures.

The functionality that we are hoping to achieve is that on the application when the user clicks on the floor map it shows the history of the clicked location and a real-life image.

I then sent an email requesting the floor plans. Admin member from MECA replied back with the images of the floor plans and permitted me to use the floor plans on the application.

I then requested and booked for me and Billy to visit MECA venue on Thursday 21/03/2019 at 12.30. So we traveled to the venue and took pictures of the different areas both inside and outside.

The floor plans can be seen below:

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