CT6018 – 3 -Stephen Newman

So since my last post a few things have changed which at the time affected my ability to complete my work to its fullest, now my surgery is over, I am healing and have had my stitches out, I could finally work on my project properly again. Being able to wear a VR headset again without it pulling at my stitches has allowed me to test work and fix any issues from last week that had to be developed outside of the headset.

I have now implemented the final modes for the game and their respective levels/textures/ect…, I have also completed the menu system.

I implemented guns for use by the player, the 3D model for this is a free to use asset from http://devassets.com/assets/sci-fi-weapons/, it has been edited and re-textured by myself to make it fit the game style a lot better, this is all within the usage guidelines of the asset.

I have also developed a laser sight system for the guns to aid player aiming as well as adding in muzzle flashes to the guns.

I have also produced two pitch posters, one of which is for displaying at this weeks lecture (Which I will be honest, is better than the one you will see here), the other is for general purposes and for display here.
These pitch posters depict ‘leaked’ documents from the mysterious organisation within my game which is conducting the training that you will undergo, I feel this gives enough information at this stage of development to potential customers while still allowing me to develop the story/universe.

It’s hard to explain just how much work I have done this week but it is a lot.

Roll on next week! Really enjoying the module and I love exploring VR so I am learning alot!


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