CT6018 – 1 -Stephen Newman

After some thought I have a decided to create a VR target shooter, I feel that in the time allotted this should be an enjoyable challenge, allowing me to test and develop my skills while under pressure and create a product that I believe will fit in to the emerging market that is VR.

The target shooter will consist of various modes, one of which is already under way and functioning, this mode is a ‘rush’ mode where the player has to hit as many targets as they can before the timer runs out, this should allow for some fast action and fun gameplay.

Ideally the game would posses both online and offline leaderboards however I am struggling to find a free and working solution for online leaderboards for Unreal Engine, with this in mind if the game was to hit the market then I would obviously use the Steam leaderboards for this so it wouldn’t be an issue, sadly this is not the case (Atleast not during university).

I may place offline local leaderboards in so that players can track their top scores in the various modes/levels and also allow me to use this information to encourage the player to keep playing, for instance if their last score was close to their top score, I would swap text out on the end screen to say something different to normal like ‘Oh, so close! Score of X, Top Score of Y… Try Again?’

I have set up a base level, blueprints that handle target spawning for the rush mode utilising random spawn points, a timer which ends the rush mode and displays an end screen, I have also implemented and adapted the UE4 VR Character by stripping out the teleportation nodes and disconnected anything that relate to it as it won’t be necessary for my project and added in a shooting mechanic which will be used for hitting targets and interacting with menus, on top of this I have laid out some base assets which will make up each level and begun to texture them.

Overall I am really looking forward to this project.


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