CT6018 – 2 -Stephen Newman

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to complete as much work as I had hoped for this week, however I have made some good progress.

I have completed the Rush mode, it is now playable, contains win/lose states and is repeatable, I do however still need to sort out a gun which the player will use in the game as the current solution of shooting bullets out of the player’s hand is not ideal.

I have begun the building the interactive menu level where the player will start the game, this level will consist of glass ‘panels’ which have elements on that the player can shoot to interact with the game, for instance they will be able to shoot a level select button and then shoot the level they want to begin playing that level.

This approach allows the player to feel more immersed right from the second they load the game up and provides a safe zone where the player can become accustomed to the use of their weapon without it affecting their score, ect.

I have also expanded on the modular building set and textures I made last week, I have produced a modular material that allows me to shift the colour of my textures from level to level, this allows me to have a different colour scheme per level and help communicate a couple of things, one that they have changed level and two that they may or may not have done this level before if they recognise the colour. I have also done this for the decals in each level, I can now swap out the decal texture on the fly depending on which level the player is in.

I am doing it this way as working in VR means that I have to be very efficient when it comes to assets and materials in the interest of performance.

Overall I am happy with the progress made, however due to the unforeseen circumstances this week and my minor surgery coming up which is scheduled for the 15th of October, I just wish that I could have done more and that my surgery does not affect my work all that much.

(Same feature image used as the previous post as I don’t have a updated one yet and I am currently in University when writing this and not at home where I could load up my VR project)

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