CT6018 – 6 -Stephen Newman

This week has gone really well.

I finalised the script, complete with formatting to make it easy when recording lines.

I have also had an external voice actor in to voice the ‘Announcer’ while I voiced the ‘Doctor’s’ lines, we managed to record all 29 lines of custom dialogue, I then proceeded to level, mix and edit the vocals to ensure that they are fit for the game, without any clipping, distortion and the like.

I have also created a complex custom dialogue system in blueprints for handling random dialogue and structured timed dialogue based off of player actions throughout the game, this included gating the dialogue so that it can never overlap and will queue sounds if they should want to play at the same or similar time, this results in a robust and polished story throughout the game.

I have also produced a slight background hum/wind mix, that fits the environment very well given it’s clinical and clean nature.

I have also produced a gunshot sound affect which also fits the theme of the game due its sci-fi nature.

Oculus Rift support has also been added and tested with no bugs, bare in mind however the game was majority developed for the HTC Vive as it’s the headset I test with the most given its superior nature over the Rift.

I have also added in what John Moss requested of me for The Obsidian Experiment’s USP in the business proposal.

I have also done extra work on the saving and loading blueprint to help the dialogue handler blueprint function.

Overall the game is coming out exactly as I had planned which is amazing! I am really pleased with the ambitious nature of the project and I feel that I have gone above and beyond to make it a reality.

I will continue to polish, test and fix any bugs should I find any up until submission!

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