CT6018 – 5 -Stephen Newman

I have spoken with John regarding my business proposal and he seems fairly happy with what I have so far, suggesting that I should expand on my products USP which I will be doing later today! Apart from this my business proposal is very near completion and I am happy with how it is shaping up!

Outside of this I have been working on the script for myself and my fiancée to voice for the game, this is broken down in two three sections, random dialogue that is unrelated to the story and is purely for implying an outside world, random story dialogue which are snippets of conversations that progress the story along outside of the main story arc and final main story dialogue which is triggered at specific times during gameplay and covers the body of the story!

Once this is finalised then it can be recorded, edited and implemented in to the game!

I have also been testing for bugs but I was unable to find any on this occasion!

Through-out this semester I have been promoting both this project and Paul’s module project on twitter with some good results however I really want to push this side further and go beyond just making a game, I have been producing marketing material, interacting with the community and hopefully setting the stage for the pre-release internet scavenge hunt planned for this games launch after university, there is more about this in the marketing plan!

Due to the nature of this game and it’s ability to be speedrun, I have chosen to use this as a potential selling point and I am in the process of setting up a speedrun leaderboard on the popular speedrunning website Speedrun.com, this will be used to not only verify people’s ‘runs’ but also monitor participation within the community.

I am also researching possible Youtubers that either speedrun VR games (Of which there is a niche, tight and loyal community attached to Youtubers like this) as well as Youtubers that play VR in general,  some of which I have already worked with in the past! This will allow me to better market my game to its target demographic and build better brand awareness!

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