CT6018 – 4 -Stephen Newman

Everything seems to be shaping up nicely and it appeared that with this constant rate of progression, The Obsidian Experiment will become everything it set out to be! This gives me a sense of achievement and drive to continue pushing this project forward to completion.

I have added in the leaderboard/statistics table in to the game which holds the current top scores set by a subject in the tests, this can be seen in the menu, at the beginning of each level and at the end.

This system also allows me to trigger sound events upon the player beating a current top score, this will be used to drive narrative.

I am in the process of adding in additional control options for exiting levels to return to the main menu. I have devised a natural, intuitive system for this and controls are displayed in the menu.

I utilise decals in each level however it seems they don’t always load in fully at the start of each level and take a while to show their full resolution, I believe this to be engine related as the process of using decals is very simple with little room for error.

I test the game from start to finish as often as I can and fix bugs as I find them, since the last post there hasn’t been any bugs, apart from at the end of one level, it was meant to reload the same level but I accidentally put the wrong name in leading to it going to the wrong level, this was obviously fixed in seconds.

I have set realistic but difficult goals for the top scores of each level, this will give the player something to strive for that it just out of reach of a inexperienced player so they will have to put in some practise in order to achieve the goal and extend the narrative. All goals are achievable.

I have obviously started work on the Business proposal using Void VR (The company I started on my placement year) as it’s subject, this allows me to use current and real data in my business proposal in the hopes that I can use it once I leave university and potentially find a publisher for my work!

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