CT5006 Week 9 User Registration, Admin Login and Animal Captcha Authentication


For week nine I added the ability to login in as an admin user or subscriber. The admin would have full control over all site functions such as adding or editing posts, adding new categories, adding or deleting users plus the ability to make subscriber users admins, the ability to approve comments and finally the ability to change the website settings such as site name, welcome message and social media links. One of the assignment requirements was to add an intuitive way to enable logging in so after doing some research I decided to incorporate a captcha, but instead of using random letters and numbers I have used a selection of animal icons (165 free vector icons of Animals and nature designed by Freepik, 2018). Using an array, I was able to alternate between randomly set images/names each time a user logged in. If the users, username, password and they selected the correct animal, then the system would log them in, if not an error message would show.


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