Marketing – Crowdfunding (CT6018)

The use of crowd funding is a great way for an independent developer to not only source funds for their project, but to also gauge the market for said product.

Individuals and Organisations that use crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo are, in most if not all cases, short of the funds required to achieve the project they are outlaying in their fund raising campaign. It is also incredible rare to see products on such platforms that ask for funds to create a product that will then further charge those who initially supported it. So for this project, I would only turn to crowdfunding if I were to remove the monetisation element from the game or did not receive the £100,000 grant for the project based on my proposed business plan.

Despite this, crowdfunding; specifically Kickstarter, is a great way for a small company or individual developer to gain the funding and publicity needed for their project.
One key aspect of crowdfunding is the offer of tiered rewards for higher monetary contributions. These can vary from something a simple as a “Thank you” in the credits of the product up to design an aspect or element of the game, varying from pricing as low as $1 up to whatever price is deemed reasonable for the reward offered.
This offers those that want to fund your project a variety of options beyond just a pre-order of the game and allows those who are producing the project to make extra money through said offers.

Kickstarter has guidelines suggesting what to offer and prohibiting certain rewards, such as financial elements.

There is also a lot of unoffical marketing guides online that go over the ins and outs of making your Kickstarter project stand out and appeal to public.

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