On this week I managed to create one more background and assets for it by using Adobe Illustrator.

The tree will play key part in this scene. It will animate and reveal a hidden path or object, which in its own way would be interactive and by clicking it it will bring Viewer to the next scene.

For the title page I created an animated fire in After Effects. The biggest and the hardest problem was to find out how to import it to Adobe Animate with a transparent background on Fire animation.


To create animated fire my First step was to make it in After Effects. I used CC Particle World Effect to get the fire that I wanted. When I was happy with the shape of the fire I converted it to Alpha Channel to remove the white background.

I couldn’t get the wanted result and make the background transparent. So I exported the fire as a video into Adobe Premier. I added a background to it and used it as a main cover for my comic book. From Adobe premier I exported the video file as a GIF image and then imported it to Animate as a frame by frame animation.

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