ct-6018-week 1-12

1- As this is the starting week, brainstorming took up the majority of time.

2- Sculpting small, stylised character models was chosen for this topic, a number of mood boards were created to help define an art style.

3- The first designs were created during this time, featuring stone golems and a small turnip based lifeform.

4- After a talk, it became apparent that assets to go along with a single character would be more marketable, this advice was taken and setting mood boards and designs were created.

5- After completing a design for the stone golem and doing some minor sculpting, and after some thought on getting the character animated for the asset store, it was decided that the scope was too large for the project. 2D assets became the main focus.

6- preliminary designs were created for the 2D platformer assets.

7- The trees were designed in this week, as the leaves would be better as interchangeable objects, they’re being done separately.

8- The leaves were created, colour variation was introduced to add more variation.

9- Flowers were drawn up, the FoxGloves have colour variation and the BlueBells can also be moved separately to create little bushes of colour.

10- Ground portions and rocks were made

11- the business plan was drafted

12-last minute colour choices were changed.

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