Continuing bodywork

After making a basic outline for the head, I decided to carry on with the same mesh and make the coat that the character wears. This became a challenge however towards the bottom of the coat and creating a convincing cape piece. I wanted to continue using one full mesh so I continued extruding the bottom of the coat and then folding it back into itself where the bottom of the character would be and then kept extruding to make the rest of the character.

More issues arose however when combining the two sides of the model as I originally mirrored one side so that each side is symmetrical and would make the modelling process easier. This left an annoying gap in the cape and the back of the whole model

Upon finding a solution to this I realised that the effect and method of approach was not going to work as the cape looked very jagged and boxy. The harsh angles would of made my modelling process far more awkward and I decided to start again with the models design.

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