Basic blocking out

One of the first things to do for the model was to block out the basic shape of the character which would then be used to build upon to create the finished model.

To achieve this in ZBrush I first created the character using ZSpheres which helped produce the body, arms, legs and head of the character.

A reference image was used to aid the creation of the characters shape, however this is not the outline of the character that I wish to create but instead of another character made by the same artist. The reasoning for not using the original character reference image was due to the character not being in an appropriate pose which would create difficulty as legs and arms are not equally apart.

Once the main outline of the character is created, an adaptive skin can be applied which would smooth out the edges of the character into a more lifelike shape instead of the body consisting of spheres. Further adjustments can be made to this such as adding more skin using the clay tool as well as the move and smooth tools to achieve a far more accurate shape to the body. Once this is completed the main base body is complete, Now smaller details can be added to make the characters shape more realistic.

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