CT4011, TF2 Game review.

Finally, I have just finished this. It took quite a while and I did hit a few bumps on the way to completing this video.




Good bits:

-Subtle title animations/transitions.

-Annotations to get extra points across during the video

-Video flows okay, overall.

-I put a lot of effort in to editing this (believe it or not!).

-Decent green screen.

Bad bits:

-I don’t have any charisma in my narration (I tried, but I was knackered at the time).

-Not very engaging. (But hopefully effort in editing out weighs this problem).

-I am way too robotic in this. I was concentrating on the script so much that it was difficult to seem like I wasn’t reading anything.


Overall, I think this was a good effort, for someone who has not done any video editing in years.

If I was to do this again, I would try and learn techniques on being a more engaging narrator/actor.


I also found, out a sneaky workflow to achieving this video that may help anybody reading this.

I record the footage>

Edit the footage in Premiere (because editing footage in After Effects is a massive pain)>

Export footage from Premiere and put in to After Effects> Added all the “after effects” (aha!) such as titles, green screen and annotations, etc.>

Exported it from After Effects and in to Adobe Media Encoder (because at this point the exported file is huge, as the best export setting is AVI (no MP4?)>

Finally I essentially used media encoder to compress everything in to an MP4 (as requested by the module guide) and, to-dah!


Please give me your thoughts on this, people who have never played TF2; did this review speak to you? Did it feel like a good overview of the game?

People who have played TF2; do you think that this review represented the game well enough?







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