Idea for Poster – Assignment 2

This is my first poster design (with and without the title) I am proud of this art style and will keep it for the final design, This was all produced inside Illustrator using many tools. The clouds were created using different sized circles, then these were combined as a group. The rabbits were imported from another file, same with the hearts. The bushes I may change as these don’t look very dynamic and they lack perspective. One of the things my group and I discussed was perspective in the poster; even though our art style is very cartoony, this adds a new level of depth which makes the design look more appealing. This design has been laid out neatly, however I feel there is not even going on. Looking at designs done by past first year students, there is not enough information or perspective to attract the user. To improve this design, I will add more cohesion.   – Created 8th April 2018.

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