CT4011 – Asgn 2 – 1

This assignment requires us to create an advert and a poster for a product in groups of 4. The first week we spent discussing the project, its requirements and what we wanted to do for the project. Over the past couple of weeks, we continued to develop ideas for what we wanted the product to be.

Last week we agreed on the product being a weapon or series of weapons depending on any time constraints of the project, that can either act as a series of toy weapons like the popular Nerf guns or have the product be a side along DLC package for a video game. With this concept, we can develop 3D models and include high-quality renders into the video required as well as use Adobe AfterEffects to enhance the product further.

We have also decided we want to include a range of customizable features to the product so that the users can add personalization in the form of decals, holiday-themed products, and accessories.


For the 01/02/19, it would be good to have a variety of sketches for different weapon designs.

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