Ct4008 – Assgn 2 – 4

There have been some issues with trying to access the ‘School of Computing and Technology Student Portfolios’ Which has left a lack of updates about how work has been proceeding.


Last Week was spent exploring ActionScript 3 and using previous knowledge and knowledge from lectures to get a working button system in the given tutorial. This allowed for basic movement between the different scenes in Animate.

Some time was spent creating the environment for the first scene of the assignment. This uses several of the sketches of different items to help build up the storyboard, as well as adding some more features to the character design which is currently in progress.

To develop this environment further, a skyline will be included in the window area, as well as some more ‘personal items’ for the character to make the environment look more full and less empty. As a team, it was discussed having a feature where when the user clicks on items a ‘thought’ bubble will pop up and explain what that item is, therefore given a bigger explanation of the environment without having it involved in the story.



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