13 CT6018 – BONUS, the Future of AstroHop


After having produced a prototype fit for fulfilling the brief’s requirements and to wrap things up, here are some updates and changes that could be made if development continues.

Firstly and probably key, is to produce several different worlds which the user can purchase and play. This is to add a lot more volume to the game, and to give the user a sense of purpose in collecting currency.

Another feature that would add more depth to the game is being able to change character. Just like having a world purchase and selection screen, there could be a similar thing for purchasing different sprites. Not only could you have sprites that could be bought with rare currency, but there could be characters that are earned through accomplishing milestones (e.g. 10,000 metres ran etc.). Which also introduces the idea of achievements for various goals and objectives.

For those worried about AstroHop becoming too easy when having upgraded their character fully, it would be ideal to implement a difficulty scale. The further you run on a level, the harder the level gets. This could be done by slowly increasing the spawn rate of obstacles and / or the speed of the character.

To add to the last point, there could also be the implementation of moving enemies. Add to this a weapon system, and the game is starting to become a lot more complex. This could be an idea that gets developed over a longer period of time, but would certainly increase the fun factor.

As well as new features, there are several improvements to make in addition. Listed below are the known weaknesses and bugs to improve:

  • Slight glitches in animations – every now and then the character will stick in the wrong animation (i.e. running in the air, and ‘jumping’ when grounded).
  • A more intuitive and well laid out menu system – as it is a prototype, the menu system is somewhat of a placeholder.
  • Game balancing – adjusting spawn rates, and upgrade costs.
  • Load bar – when pressing start, one can think the game is broken as it takes a few seconds for the game to load. There is currently no indication that the game is loading.
  • Button click sounds – Would provide haptic feedback to the user so they know they have clicked something (as well as the button state changes on press).
  • Options Screen – allowing the user to change audio settings, reset their game, remove ads, and view credits.
  • Death animation – as all the other animations, adds a lot of value to the game.
  • Y-axis camera movement – exists in the code, but is turned off as the ground moves off screen when jumping high. Needs the boundary of movement to be fixed.

In conclusion, AstroHop is worthy of being called a game, but as suggested there is a lot more that could be done. With more commitment to the project it could be released onto the suggested platforms (Android, iOS, and PC) for sale.

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