12 CT6018 – Advertisements


Another monetization method is to have Advertisements in game. Although this doesn’t produce much revenue, it is worth having as it is so easy to incorporate, and it opens up other monetization opportunities. Such as, users being able to pay to remove ads, and users being able to watch a video to earn gems.

Unity Ads were added to AstroHop using the Unity Services panel, allowing quick integration into the application. The code, given by Unity, was put into the Pause Menu and Death Screen scripts. But because it would be unwise to frustrate the user with ads every time they pause or die, an extra sliver of code was added. By setting an integer of 3 as a counter and decreasing the count each time a pause / death happens, then game is then told when the counter hits 0, show an advert.


Watch video to earn gems? Sounds like a good idea. By having an option in the Treasure Menu to watch a short video and earn a couple of gems, Smooth Studio will be able to pull in some revenue from having a video played in its entirety, whilst rewarding the player for doing so. This was done by again using Unity’s example code for rewarded ads, which checks that the user has watched the entire video before being given their ‘reward’ which in this case is ‘gemsCollected +=2’ or, 2 gems.


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