08 CT6018 – Animation


After having produced the textures for AstroHop, there were some animations that needed to be created for some sprites in order for them to add that next level of value to the game. These were for the player, to have a walk cycle; and the coin, to spin in the air.

Creating a sprite sheet for the character astronaut was done in Photoshop, creating 4 different groups of layers with part of a walk cycle on each. The first frame is the character standing upright. The second with right leg forward, right arm back. The third is the same as the first. Lastly, the fourth is with left leg forward, right arm back.

SpaceManWalk3 SpaceManWalk4 SpaceManWalk1 SpaceManWalk2

The coin spin animation was done in the exact same way, with a 4 frame cycle. Coin flat, coin diagonally right, coin reversed, coin diagonally left.

SpaceCoinAnim5 SpaceCoinAnim4 SpaceCoinAnim2 SpaceCoinAnim3 SpaceCoinAnim1

Each frame of the animations was saved as a PNG and imported into Unity. Here the images were added to an animation in the inspector and set up as a prefab to be spawned into the game.

N.B. The strange flick at the end of the player animation is actually the jump animation frame, which is held as the player is in the air, and does not play when grounded.



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