04 CT6018 – Requirements


Week 4 brings about the start of development. Upon deciding which game idea to take up for the project, it was time to start doing some research. To ascertain what was needed, a requirements list was first written up.

2D Endless Runner Requirements list:


This being the first draft of requirements may, naturally, be altered as development continues. However, it should serve as a solid base on which to form the game and be followed as closely as possible.

Initial research will consist of items listed in the ‘Essential’ column in order to gather enough knowledge to produce a working prototype.

As development continues and essential requirements are being fulfilled, there will need to be further research in order to implement items listed ‘Useful’.

If time constraints allow, or for the continuation of development post-deadline; ‘Desirable’ items would be ideal features to research and add to the game for a release version.

Along with the requirements document, a Unity Project was created. Using Unity’s relatively new 2D engine (4.3 release, 2013) and some primitive shapes, it was time to start experimenting with some core functionality. Before researching in depth what was needed to most efficiently produce the game being pursued in this project, there was a desire to play with Unity and discover what could be done without the help of tutorials and / or documentation.

Some benefits were drawn from doing this. Firstly, re-familiarising with Unity was handy in being able to refresh memories on how to use the software and being aware of its layout and functionality. Secondly, although the syntax was different, experience in programming JavaScript applications during placement year was extremely useful in having the logic and know-how to complete a task and solve problems.

The end result was a couple of square platforms and sphere for a player that could move and jump. Don’t worry; it will look a lot better soon!

AstroHop 001

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