CT4011 Kickstarter Video – Week 5

For week 5 of the assignment, the following tasks were completed:

  • Creating a final 3D model of the smart remote
  • Discussing ideas for the script/video
  • Booking camera equipment to begin filming

The first task that was completed was creating a final 3D model of the smart remote. Again the same member of the group and same software were used to create the model to ensure that the model was the best that the group could produce. The final model can be seen here:


The second task that was completed was discussing ideas for the script/video as a group. The group split the video into scenes to make the filming process easier as it can be completed scene by scene and not get confused. Ideas for each scene were discussed so that writing the script would be easier as the contents of each scene were identified.

The third task that was completed was booking camera equipment. The group decided that the 3D model and script can be completed by Friday next week, so filming can take place the week after on the 4th. A list of required equipment was made and emailed to the office where equipment can be rented, which includes:

  • Camera
  • Memory card
  • External mic
  • Tripod


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