CT4011 Kickstarter Video – Week 3

For week 3 of the assignment, the following tasks were completed:

  • Finding new ideas for the smart remote
  • Designing concepts for the smart remote

The first task that was completed was finding ideas for the smart remote. This was helpful as when it came to designing the remote, the group knew what features had to be implemented. This week as a group the features of the smart remote were finalised, the features include:

  • Touch screen: tells time, mini interface, can view and change channels etc.
  • Speaker and mic: can use voice to interact with remote, e.g. “change channel to BLANK”, channel will change and remote will speak back
  • Compatible with TVs, smart TVs and devices such as the Amazon Firestick , speakers

The second task that was completed was designing concepts for the smart remote. After identifying the features of the smart remote, the group then designed the smart remote on paper to get a few different concepts that can be compared to see which one will be the final design, which will be decided next week.

Smart remote designs:



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