CT4011 Kickstarter Video – Week 2

For week 2 of the assignment, the following tasks were completed:

  • Deciding on a product, 2D game or mobile app for the assignment
  • Discussing ideas for the chosen concept

The first task that was completed was deciding on a product, 2D game or mobile app for the assignment. The group decided to choose to base the assignment around a product, as a member is a product design student and therefore has access and skills to design and 3D print a product to be used as a prop for the video.

The second task that was completed was discussing ideas for the product. Before discussing product ideas the premise was established that the product would be some kind of gadget that has not created, as technology is moving forward and new gadgets are always appealing to people who want to stay up to date with technology. Some initial ideas included:

  • A phone case with a battery pack and an external speaker
  • A Google Glass style of smart glasses, that provide a HUD for real life that can be used for things such as directions and video calling

However the final product that was decided was a smart remote, which was inspired after watching the video for The Coolest Cooler, which contains lots of different features. The group thought that remotes have not changed much over the years and still only have one function, so one that could do many different things would be a good idea. Some concept features of the remote include:

  • Voice activation
  • Touch screen to change channels
  • Bottle opener

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