CT4011 Kickstarter Video – Week 1

For week 1 of the assignment, the following tasks were completed:

  • Understanding the requirements of the assignment
  • Establishing communication with the group
  • Watching existing Kickstarter videos

The first task that was completed was understanding the requirements of the assignment, which included reading the assessment criteria and listening to the information from the lecture. As a result of this the group understood that the requirement of the assignment is to create a Kickstarter style video to promote donations for a product, 2D game or mobile app using Adobe After Effects, along with a poster to promote it. This will make planning the assignment easier as the requirements can be implemented from the beginning.

The second task that was completed was communicating with the group. The assignment requires groups of 4, so to ensure that the group can work efficiently, communication was established to ensure that updates can be given on the progress of the assignment.

The third task that was completed was watching existing Kickstarter videos such as The Coolest Cooler, which was good as it gave the group an idea of the format of a Kickstarter video which can be used for the group’s video. The videos also had a variety of effects and styles that could potentially be used in the group’s video, to make sure that the assignment requirements are met and to a high standard.


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