CT6035 – S1606831 – Blog 10

  • Evaluation: The end has come to the 3D Modelling project and I could not be more happy with the work I have created. 3D, not being my personal strong point, I was still able to create, rig and texture a high poly model to the best of my ability. The big issue with the completed model is that, I have a detailed, textured model, and a detailed, rigged and animated model. I cannot seem to combine the two, after using scripts in 3ds max, and direct substance painter uploads, I can’t figure it out, and with my limited time available, have unfortunately had to upload both separately. After reading the module guide and my first model feedback, I am confident I have shown enough improvement, and implemented every technique, from sub div to skinning and rigging, and that I should be able to obtain the marks needed.


The things I would change about my model would be the face. I thought I would be able to sculpt this in mudbox to a high level of detail. Unfortunately, this was not the case when I did it due to an overlapping edge meaning I could not subdivide within mudbox for extra detail. The other parts I would like to change if I had more time would be to add in the props, being the hat, parrot and sword. I left these until last as I did not think they are very difficult, or would showcase the skills that I have learnt during the module, so they would just be added at the end if I had enough time.

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