CT5017: Assignment 2 Week 9

Game like features such as a scoring system are used to draw the in the players attention (Thomas and Macredie, 1994). As scoring systems can have considerable influence on the satisfaction of players (Lee, Chen, Hsieh, and Liao, 2017) it was an important element to add to the game and to insure it was easy to see and understand which is why a simple system was created in the top right hand side of the screen to reduce the risk of players not noticing or understanding the layout. Ensuring this was important to create a bridge between the player and the game increasing the likelihood of the game being played and how long for (Lee, Chen, Hsieh, and Liao, 2017) which is why I created chances for the player to obtain more lives throughout the game to create optimal effects of this. Due to the score and lives being such an important factor in the game I focused on making the effects of each obstacle and item more obvious on the screen. I created an images to appear above the character after each collision (with the exception of the speed Shroom as the effect of this item was already easy to understand)  to indicate what had just happened.


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