CT5017: Assignment 2 Week 7

As games have developed, music which comes with them has also shifted as there is no one genre game music. Modern game music is made specifically for, or adapted to, the game (Munday, 2007), this led me to use an upbeat track to compliment the simplistic light-hearted style of the game. This was also the bases for using sound effects such as the item pick up and button click audio. Sound effects are a useful stimulus in a game to keep it interactive and engaging to the user (Van Den Doel, Kry and Pai, 2001). These sound effects were also chosen as designing a user friend game for all was important as this means visually impaired players will also be able to be engaged in the game successfully (Gärdenfors, 2003) as it makes it clear what the positive and negative elements are within the game such as power-ups and obstacles.


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