CT5017: Assignment 2 Week 5

Physics systems can be a useful tool for boosting a games graphical aesthetic, one technique for this is using systems whereby you put hundreds, or not, thousands of tiny particles together which creates effects such as smoke, fire, or sparks (Buildnewgames.com, 2019). I achieved this by creating a creating a mushroom texture and generating a particle system that would emit from the character. This makes the character feel more interactive with the environment and defines the mushrooms volume. The variety in colour and transparency between the elements also help engage the player as it becomes more visually dynamic (Belle, 2012)
Belle, C. (2012) Particle Systems: Theory and Practice. Available at: https://www.cs.umd.edu/~mount/Indep/Ciara_Belle/ciara-partic-system-final-2012.pdf
Buildnewgames.com. (2019). Particle Systems From the Ground Up – Build New Games. [online] Available at: http://buildnewgames.com/particle-systems/ [Accessed 9 Jun. 2019].


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