CT5017: Assignment 2 Week 10

The final week of development more time was spent on polishing the game as much as possible and adding smaller features to tie the game together. Icons for the game were created. I also wrote a some functions to pause the game and audio while the game was minimised and then resume once opened again. This was achieved through functions in the engine file to detect whether the app was active or not. Other refining was also done to make the game flow better such as the game music not restarting once the player went back to the welcome screen but instead continuing to play from where it was left off. This was achieved by playing the music from the main file rather than any one particular screen.

To finish off the game I noticed that on the S8 it wasn’t completely full screen and on either side of the screen there was letter boxing caused by the game not being truly fullscreen with the phones navigation buttons e.g. back & home. To fix this I tried many differnet solutions such as the fullscreen ANE by mesmotronic (https://github.com/mesmotronic/air-ane-fullscreen), however, this was tested and it partly worked but didn’t completely remove the lettering boxing as the black box where the navigation bar is located was still present. After some more time attempting to fix this problem I discovered a much simpler solution which simply required me to put the code located below in the  XML file of the game. This allowed me to remove the ANE, while the ANE didn’t make it into the final version of the game I am glad to have experimented with to as it provided me with experience and an insight into how ANEs are set up and used within ActionScript.

<meta-data android:name=”android.max_aspect” android:value=”2.0″ />


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