exploration into indesign

  • I decided to use InDesign to try out different layouts and styles for the poster. it didn’t go too well and I was limited in my knowledge of what I could do so after a few attempts at different styles I moved into photoshop. I presented the group with the basic designs and me and Brandon decided on the blue design as I explained what I could do to make the graphics better. I then proceeded to edit the design and keep building and experimenting with the effects I could do with feedback from Brandon. it is not done yet and there are some things I would like to change back and something I want to edit and a group discussion on what to say in the poster would be great but for now I am done.

    to make these I also coloured and rendered Brandon’s model, created more animated icons in InDesign to show the uses of the phes and converted all of the icons into images so I could use them on the poster.

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