CT4011 Creative Skills for Design, Semester 2: Blog Post 3

An title introduction was made in aftereffects. We had decided that our app would have a blue / green colour scheme, which was kept for the title as well at the backgrounds for the introduction animation that was also made.

The title:

As previously shown in an older post; in our concept stage we had played with the idea of a stick man being on screen at the start of the video that reacted to the narrator. In the end, we scapped the idea as it would be very difficult to get the stick man to show emotions / gestures very well. However, we still liked the idea, so instead some ‘chibi-like’ characters of ourselves were drawn up. This would also link into the characters you could also create in the app for your profile picture; with our avatars being our version. These little characters would be featured at the end of the video where contact information would be, as well as at the start like we had previously intended.






At the beginning where Anthony is narrating, a small animation was also made for his character so that it wouldn’t be boring.

some example frames:

A logo was also created for the introduction animation:


The intro animation in aftereffects:

The ending of the video:

The ending background composition:

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