CT4011 Creative Skills for Design, Semester 2: Blog Post 2

After our group had completed filming our scenes foe the video, the raw video footage was then taken and sorted into properly labelled folders. There was a folder for the start and ending of our video, as well as a folder for each member of the group for the footage of themselves. After organizing these files, they were then put in Adobe Premier Pro to further organised them and to also cut out the unwanted footage (such as the ‘scene ‘1’ take ‘1’ etc). Each member had their own Premier file as well, which was used to compare each video take and see who did what scene better; which would then be put in the final video. After cutting all of our footage, video sections were taken from the three files and mixed into one, so that everyone had screen time. It was distributed in such a way that someone wasn’t on screen for a very long time at once, rather at smaller intervals; as well as attempting to give everyone equal screen time.

Cutting a section of Anthony’s video takes:

Showing the three Premier files:

Showing the file of all the footage spliced together


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