CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – All Briefs – My Chosen Briefs

Hello. This is my first Post for my first assessment for my Creative Skills for Design Module.

I will be posting all my updates/work here, before my hand in.


After looking closely at the options/briefs I was given, I have decided to go directly down the first column for the following reasons:

  • I am interested in creating fictional characters and environments for Virtual Reality Rehabilitation as my career choice after University and thought it would be the best opportunity to produce content that I have a huge passion for.
  • I would be to link the five briefs together to create content for promoting a new ‘game’ under the name ‘Colossal’.
  • Develop new skills and potentially look at art styles that may not suit me and try something new.

I have decided to envision Colossal: the Game as a fighting-adventure game between creatures that the user can befriend and obtain to use as a fighting partner for extra abilities and powers to defeat opponents with.

I hope you enjoy my content!


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