CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – Brief Two – Sketches


Here is my next post for the second brief I have been asked to design.

From the previous post I stated that I will be designing a new menu for Colossal: the Game.

As I did not mentioned it in the last post, I have decided to make the start-screen menu for the game for the following reasons:

  • I personally believe that an inventory menu is too basic to show to my client as for the game within this genre the menu would just be boxes holding items that the user has acquired so it would be very basic.
  • I also think that you have more choice with the overall layout of a start-screen menu and that allows for more artistic vision.
  • Also, a start-screen menu allows you to create a teaser for your audience when the game is being developed or updated.

I have tried to create three different layouts for the start-screen menu based off of what I could see from the images on my moodboard.

Whilst completing these, I came up with some-sort-of secondary logo which is a small stone that allows users to capture their Battle Beasts.

I am excited to get back into Photoshop to create this menu.


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