CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – Brief Two – Moodboard


Here is the start of the second brief that I have been requested to design.

I have decided to create a Menu over a Heads Up Display (HUD) as I believe it allows for me personally to gather more of a variety of content for my client.

As my vision of Colossal: the Game is a fighting-adventure game I looked at menus from other games that possess the same style and feel as to what I am picturing in my head. The game has action but, the game is built for all ages.

I looked at games such as Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher and other titles of the same style and genre to generate the ideas for my sketches in the next post.

I look forward to the next post where I will be presenting my sketches for this second brief.


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