CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – Brief One – Final Look


So here is the Final design for Brief One; the Game Promotion Website Homepage.

I have attached a screenshot whilst in development inside Photoshop of the website along with the final .PNG image that I exported out of the program in use.

From the sketches I uploaded I decided to go with my first layout that I drew as I like the style of the mountains.

I created the Logo by hand using my own Graphics Tablet and then used the fill tool once I got it onto my websites template.

To start off, I used a gradient on the first layer to create the ground and sky texture.

Second, I used Ellipse and used the Wrap mode to bend the shape into a style of a cloud.

Thirdly, I created the mountains by take a rectangle shape and then deleting one of the anchor points to create a right-angled triangle; then I duplicated and rotated the shape to create the mountains I wanted.

After that, I created more rectangles of different sizes and used an Outer Bevel to create more 3D-like platforms to present the battle arenas for the games concept.

Next, I went to add in more rectangles, but I gave them no fill and gave the rectangles thicker edges to create borders for the websites sections.

The font that I used was a Windows font called: Eras Bold ITC. Now this font has no other formats so I had to create my own lines to create underlining for the titles of sections.

I used four reference images that have been referenced in a Word document that will be handed in the ‘Design’ folder. These four images are icons for three social media platforms and a shopping trolley icon to promote buying the game.

I have enjoyed this brief a lot as it has allowed me to promote ideas to the public and I look forward to the next brief.


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