CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – Brief Four – Final Look


Here is the final look at my Game Environment.

I decided to go with my favourite of the three: Space.

I liked this one the most because it would be a surprise for my client when I took probably the most basic sketch of the ones I drew and turned it into a fun-filled and soothing environment.

I used the same method for the background, as I did in the first two briefs, but this time I used the colour purple on the bottom and a much darker blue on the top to create a space like background.

I then proceeded to draw the outline of the planet and the road, so that I could split up the different sections. Once I had done this, I was able to use the fill tool to fill in the appropriate areas with the colours that I envisioned.

After, I did the trees. I thought it would be best if I used a lighter green for the top/leaves of the tree to give them a presence to the environment. I added in a small black stroke to give them a bit of definition and make them appear more cartoon-like.

Next, I did the stars. I used similar methods for these like I did for the trees. I used a bright Yellow for the centre of the star. Then I added in a slightly thicker stroke of a gold colour to also give them definition.

Then, I did the moon. For this I just drew a circle and some mini white circles to create craters. I then added in an Outer Bevel, Stroke and Drop Shadow to make it a little more 3D like.

What was not in my sketch was and Asteroid. This is just a series of circles in different forms and an added Outer Bevel. Both the Moon and Asteroid used a Smooth Technique for the Bevel.

Next, I added the platforms. These are just different sized rectangles with the same applied effects as the Moon to make them more 3D like.

Lastly, I added in my handmade Logo and some text to tell the client what the environment is: A Forest in Space.

I also enjoyed making this brief for my client. I look froward to starting final brief.


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