CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – Brief Five – Sketches


Here are my sketches for the final brief I have been assigned.

As there were three things I had to design, I did one sketch for each.

As this brief looks into the promotion of the product, I decided to use the previous designs from the other briefs to enhance them.

The Poster would contain the Game Character and the handmade logo I made with some extra buzz words to draw in the target audience. I also want to make sure that the biggest object on the page is the Game Character, as I want that to be the most eye-catching part.

For the Blueray Cover I thought, because this is a game that I am designing I am going to use a PlayStation 4 cover/case instead. For the sketch I did the front and back of the case. On the front there would be the Game Environment that I created for brief four, but I would fit it to the case and use all the original assets. Then I want to add my handmade logo at the very top of case. On the back, I boxed out space of where I wanted content to go. I would like my Game Character again somewhere and then next to it add a game description to entice the target audience to buy the product.

Lastly, I did the Disk Label. I also used the original assets for this from the Game Environment and the handmade logo and squeezed on to a disk shape.

I look forward to making these in Photoshop as this will allow me to see my designs in product form.


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