CT4011 – Creative Skills for Design – ASSESSMENT ONE – Brief Five – Final Look



Here are the final designs for the fifth and final brief.

As explained in my previous post, I pretty much knew how I wanted these to turn out. These three designs were a lot of fun to make because these were the designs that turned Colossal: the Game into a product.

I wanted to keep the Poster nice and simple. I went for the same approach as I did for the Game character with the stroke idea. To me it gave it that look of professionalism and I used the same sandpaper background as before. When looking at the scaling of the objects on the Poster, I wanted to make the Game Character be the most eye-catching part on the design, however this was no the case. It’s not the most eye-catching element by size but by colour. I like the fact that the handmade logo and buzz words on the bottom are the same size and there is very little space left on the page.

Next I moved onto the Bluray Cover. This was my favourite one to design out of the three. It did prove challenging at times due to the shape and size of the original Game Environment but after use of effects that Photoshop offers I was able to make it work effectively. I spit the design into three elements: Front, Back and Side. This was because each part required multiple layers to make the outcome I envisioned possible.

Lastly, I designed the Disk Label. Now this one was tough due to the original shape of the Game Environment again. I tried multiple different methods from scaling down and then rubbing out some of the layers to fit the disk; to scrapping some of the drawings on the original design and then scaling down. In the end I made it work by making the canvas of the disk transparent (originally white) and then place the Game Environment layers below the disk template and then scaling down again to match the size of the disk and last but not least, using the wrap modes in the transform tool (I used Bilinear as the Interpolation) to turn the rectangle-shaped environment into a circular one.

I very much enjoyed this brief and look forward to others in the near future.


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