CT5006 Music Business Mobile App Progress Post 4

This post is about work completed prior to the YFP week.

This week I completed the prototype app based on MixMap’s pitch. This version’s flow is:
-User registers
-User Logs into the app
-User logs into Spotify (effectively linking the accounts)
-User is taken to a map of all registered users
–Each marker represents a user, and the infowindow shows their name, and either the most recent song played, or the currently playing song with a timestamp

Markers are currently placed at random co-ordinates in Cheltenham, which will be extended to real locations when we cover Geolocation.

The system automatically updates access tokens when they’re out of date using the refresh tokens, and the infowindow content is chosen based on whether the currently playing API call returns an error code or actual data.

In correspondence, MixMap were happy with the progress, and offered to meet later in the semester to finalise the features.

MixMap Protoype Screen

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