CT5006 Music Business Mobile App Progress Post 6

Since the last post, the website so far (including the MixMap prototype) has been refactored.

Based on the lecture content, all pages are now bult using only html and javascript, in preparation for the migration to cordova. All database interaction is done through ajax calls to a single PHP file.

The pages now also work in https where they didn’t before, and the site’s htaccess file has been updated to force users to the https site. This was to enable the HTML5 geolocation functionality, which has been implemented on the MixMap page. It’s done as a button which updates your location, then hard reloads the page to refresh the map.

This page included lots of db interaction and PHP code, now it’s only JS

This event is handled with a promise, so it doesn’t matter how long the user waits before accepting/declining.

Martsoukos, G. (2016). How to Use jQuery’s “ajax” Function. [online] Web Design Envato Tuts+. Available at: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-use-jquerys-ajax-function–cms-25774 [Accessed 03 Apr. 2019].

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