CT5006 Music Business Mobile App Progress Post 3

The last post talked about progress with the Spotify API and Framework7.

The Implicit Grant Authorisation flow has been developed into the Authorisation Code flow. Instead of client-side calls to the API, the app now uses cURL to get a code from login, then access and refresh tokens using that code.

Also added was a login page, so that the Tokens can be associated with a user account.

Login Page

Spotify Login

This is the final prototype for the Mix-Map idea. Clicking on the map opens an info-window with the currently playing song. The end result should be that clicking on a profile marker on the map will display that user’s currently playing song. When geolocation is covered in lectures, location based playlists will be implemented.

Currently Playing Song

The access token is automatically refreshed when outdated and needed.

Ullman, L. E. (2017) PHP and mySQL for dynamic web sites. 2nd ed. Peachpit Press (Visual quickpro guide).

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