CT6035 Character Development – Mesh Components

During this week I continued to work on dividing the model into its individual components. I used different colours to display what method would be used to create each part of the model.


This model below contains three different colours. Each colour represents a different method that will be used to create the component. The three methods that will be used are:

  • Dark Blue – Modelling using Open-Subdivision and Crease values in 3DS Max, as this is a good method of creating hard surfaces, such as armour.
  • Green – Components that will be exported as and FBX and sculpted using MudBox, as sculpting is better to create soft surfaces, such as parts of the body or cloth surfaces.
  • Light Blue – These parts of the model were more unique, and I was originally unsure of what method was best to create them. My current plan is to create the component, most likely using sculpting methods, then use a Fur Alpha Brush to give the component the appearance of fur.

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